Monday, May 17, 2010

055. Ruby and straight bars

Spent the weekend at Singapore with my baby.Belat sa mga sumeseryoso. Hahaha. :D Wala kaming ginawa kungdi kumain, uminom, mag-shopping, at matulog. I had no restraints on food and alcohol. But I must say I'm proud of my self-restraint on shopping coz I only bought 1 bag (Longchamp's Le Pliage) plus a lot of notebooks and pens. But who's counting?! Hihihi.... :D

Anyways, we met with Ian for a night out in a.... *drumroll please* ... straight bar (!!!) in Clarke Quay.

I have a confession to make: I don't like going to straight bars. I don't want guys approaching me or buying me drinks. I'm weird like that. ^~*

But... OH EM GEE... madaming eye candies that night! Shempre ang dalawa kong kasama, busog na busog ang mga mata. Pero in fairness, look lang, no touch. Bantay sarado ng yours truly. Hahaha. :D

Anyways, our eyes zeroed in on a cutie - feeling ko Eurpoean siya. He's really guapo. I know the definition of guapo is subjective pero the three of us agreed na hot looking si kuya. Hehehe. :D

He's the one behind Ian.

See that guy beside him (blue shirt), sobrang bantay sarado si cutie. Bino-box out lahat ng gustong lumapit. Feeling namin gay couple sila. Hahaha. :D

Long story short, kinausap ako ni cutie. Kinilig ako pero after that, I don't like him na. Yeah. =.=
Anyways, thanks to bb and Ian kasi sila ang aking shield against guys. :D


Yj said...

ang hot nga teh.... hihihihihi sana kinembang niyo na :)yaiy

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