Thursday, August 5, 2010

066. Random cheesy moment

Had a chat with Geeky bear yesterday over YM. We were talking about my crush and then he asked --

Geeky bear: Nasaan na ba si *crush* ngayon?

Ruby: Eto, andito parin sa puso ko.

Na-speechless at nabilaukan si Geeky bear sa sagot ko. Hahaha!

--> geeky bear

Sunday, August 1, 2010

065. Birthday post

My first name is Diana. Ruby is just my 2nd name and I don't really use it offline. I was named Diana coz I was born when Prince Charles married Princess Diana. Ruby coz it's my birthstone.

Wala lang. Wala ako maisip na intro. Hehe. :D

I usually have a week long celebration mainly because I have different sets of friends -- high school, college, F4 fandom, Kpop fandom, Jpop fandom, and the newly added beki friends.

But this year, I didn't find it appropriate to have a party coz of my dad's death. I still cry everytime I go to sleep. I miss my dad so much. Daddy's girl eh.

Anyways, I can't turn down naman invites to go out coz that will be rude. I feel blessed that I have friends who never forget my birthday. :D

One of the best things that happened is that I got a call from R after 5 years of not speaking. I want to say I'm not bitter anymore. Hehe. So now, perfect na ang track record ko with the ex-es. lahat sila friends ko na! hahaha! Ang rationale lang is: why burn bridges with someone, who in one point of your life, became your most important one?! :D

Ang nakakatawa they were my "dates" for the weekend! Breakfast, lunch, coffee, dinner. Naman! Paano ako magkakaroon ng bagong bf niyan if sila pa din ang kasama ko. Hehe. Oks lang. Love spending time with them. :)

Overall, it was a good weekend except that MGG is leaving for SF na.

I definitely will have a celebration next year. Aba, that's the big 3-0. Dapat i-celebrate! :D

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