Thursday, December 31, 2009

034. Year End Reflection

I am not sure if 2009 has been a good year for me not. 2009 is a mix of ironies for me.


I've got promoted but I've been spending 14 hours everyday at work.

I've travelled a lot but I've not taken a vacation to enjoy these places.


I was able to spend time with them but I miss them more during the holidays.


I've met a lot of new people but I lost a lot as well. 5 friends died this year.

Marc the bestfriend left the country to work in Qatar. Although we talk a lot, it isn't the same.


I've attended concerts and fanmeets across Asia.

I've lost track of some of the fandoms I'm in.


Zero. Nada. Zilch. No expectations. By choice.

Past loves have returned but I can only offer friendship and companionship.


Let's not go there.

Looking at the bullet points, I guess it's a bad year for me huh. Don't get me wrong. I'm thankful for all the good things that happened but the bad outweighed the good.

Ending the year with a sour note eh. :D

*shakes head to clear mind*

I'll focus on the bad and labeled them as learnings. I'll try to come up with next steps so 2010 will be a good year for me.

New Year. New Beginning. :D

Sunday, December 27, 2009

033. How I spent my Christmas

Half of it I spent asleep.
Half of it I spent in the hospital because Anne can't wake me up and my idiot (and I say that with love) bestfriend thought I am dead until she checked for my pulse and heartbeat. *rolls eyes then LOL*

Piece of advice:
Don't take sleeping pills after drinking a bottle of wine. Better yet, don't drown your sorrow with alcohol.

Action Step:
I will bring my family back for Christmas next year, even if I have to go there and drag them myself. Or to save time and money, I'll just spend my Christmas there. *LOL*

Belated Merry Christmas everyone! :D

Monday, December 21, 2009

032. Maybe This Time

Had our HS reunion last night. I was excited and nervous at the same time. Excited coz I haven't seen my classmates in 10+ years. Nervous coz I'll be seeing Marc again after all these years. We didn't actually lost communication since we text/email each other occasionally.

We hugged each other for a long time that some of our classmates were making coughing noises in the background. Hahaha. That hug brought a lot of memories...

Marc was my last boyfriend in high school. We've been classmates since first year and have always been close. We were both in other relationships until 3rd year. We became a couple when we were seniors. The main reason we "delayed" the relationship was because of my friend Ivy. Ivy has a huge thing for Marc since first year. I remember comforting her whenever Marc has a new girlfriend. And being the evil friend that I am, I always make it my goal to break up those relationships Marc had with those girls.

Marc and I parted ways because of Ivy as well. She felt betrayed so she didn't talk to me our senior year. Being the stupid friend that I am, I ended the relationship. I gained Ivy's friendship again but lost Marc. During those times, I value friendship above all else. The one thing I regretted until now is that I have lost Marc not because of our incompatibilities but because I thought friendship was more important than my own happiness.

*swoosh to the present*
I was glad that there were no awkwardness for the both of us. We picked up where we left off which I am very thankful for. We were asked to sing Maybe This Time. Hahahaha. *dies* After the party, we went to Starbucks Metrowalk with 2 of our friends. Then he invited me to attend Simbang Gabi with him in Pasig Church. Then we had breakfast with his family. I'm glad that they recognized me and it was his mom who said. "just like old times huh."

We're both not in a relationship right now but it is too early for something to happen. I am happy not because I see him as a potential boyfriend but because we have a renewed our friendship. Something that is so special and should always be cherished.  :D

Saturday, December 19, 2009

031. Gift giving

I hate it when people give me gifts just because I gave them one. I hate it even more when they tell me straight to my face that they are obliged to get me a gift coz I gave them one.

What's up with that?! Seriously?! Well, you're off my list next year.

Reactions like those ruined the spirit of Christmas.

Tuesday, December 15, 2009

030. Meteor Garden/Liu Xing Yu

As much as I want this to be a post about my favorite boyband, F4, it isn't. I'll show you the extent of my fangirlism some other time. *LOL*

I witnessed something beautiful tonight. Twice, in fact. I was informed by a friend that there will be meteor showers on the nights of Dec 14 and 15.  Around 1130 ish, went up the rooftop to check the skies. I wasn't disappointed. I saw 3 meteors lighting up the sky. Really pretty and unexpected.

source: here

I don't have a DLSR and my camera is crappy so I wasn't able to take a picture. Besides, I'm busy making wishes while jumping up and down. (Ayy, ginawang New Year celebration! *LOL*)

Went down, tweeted and chatted for a while so I could wait for the next one which was scheduled around 2 am. The 2 am shower is more beautiful than the first one. It really lighted up the sky. Even though mesmerized, I didn't forget to play the song:

Meteor Rain by F4 *LOL*

I was really lucky to witness the meteor shower. Somehow, seeing something so beautiful lifted up my spirits. :D The bad thing is I can't sleep. *LOL*

Monday, November 16, 2009

029. Travel point 1

Brief Stop: Amsterdam Schiphol Airport, The Netherlands
-Non-stop flight from Manila to Amsterdam. Travel time: 14 hours
-Managed to watch 4 movies onboard: The Ugly Truth, G.I. Joe, Kung-fu Chef, and The Little Mermaid.
-Tried looking for Starbucks but I didn't have enough time. D:
-Transit to Newcastle. There's one nice looking bloke and found out he's working for P&G as well. Yeah, I'm not shy when it comes to foreigner crushers. *LOL*

Travel point #1: Newcastle upon Tyne, UK
-Just 1 hour from Amsterdam. Arrived around 10 pm local time.
-Called home (it was 6 am in Manila) to inform Dad that I arrived safe and sound. :D
-Slept like a log and woke around 6 am the next day.

my home for a week or so...

Shopping point #1
-Not in the mood to see tourist attractions since I'm alone (maybe next time) so I decided to go shopping.
-Went to Royal Quays for a little bit of retail therapy. It's an outlet center where you can find several top brands at discounted price like Marks & Spencer, Gap, Top Shop, Autonomy, Nike, Clarks, etc.

-Had Creme Brulee Latte at Costa (Italian cafe) while watching Tohoshinki concert on my Ipod.

- Drop by Argos in Silverlink to buy a European adaptor coz the one coffee buddy lent me did not work.
- Now back at the hotel to relax and rest my poor feet (and legs!)

Random observation:
- There are no waiting taxis here. You have to call a taxi service to fetch you and bring you to your destination.
- I haven't seen any convenience store around the area.

Saturday, November 14, 2009

028. Jetplane

Embarking on a journey.
Searching for options.
The result of which will either make me happy
or desperate to find a donor. *LOL*

Sunday, November 8, 2009

027. The reason why I am single now

It's because I've already experienced 6 great loves. The happiness and the memories will probably last me a lifetime. ♥

Friday, November 6, 2009

026. Me in a nutshell

Got this from Facebook coz I fail so much at life that I don't have anything to blog about -

Psychology Personality Quiz

Mysterious... oftentimes, a loner. You know your true friends and only them are allowed to understand the real you.

You hide your emotions... Sometimes pretending to be always happy. Sometimes, not giving even a hint of what you really feel.

You search for love... you’re a hopeless romantic and every time you enter a relationship, you give your all and believe “this is the One.”

You have so many ideas in mind... You’re creative and aggressive! If you want something, you’ll do anything to get it!

You’re an ideal boyfriend/girlfriend... You don’t care if your partner doesn’t really love you as long as you love him/her. You give your all...

You’re undoubtedly good-natured! Most of the time, people are confident to approach you because they know you will consider them.

You love actions... with the hero-like taste! You focus on your strengths and use them to protect persons/things that are important to you.

Most of the people reading this blog can probably attest to the above points. *LOL*

Thursday, November 5, 2009

025. Ang Pag-ibig alinsunod sa pakete ng Tide Ultra

Reposting since I support Tide! *LOL*


sabi ko
ayaw kong maglaba sa gabi
hindi ko alam kung bakit

siguro’y ayaw kong makitang
nakasungaw ang bituin sa ulap
at pinapanood ang bawat kong kusot

pero hindi kagabi—
ang totoo
naglaba ako

sinamantala ko ang pangungulimlim
ng bituin sa nangingilid na ulap

at natitiyak ko
maputi ang aking nilabhan
sinunod ko yata ang bawat instruksyon
sa likod ng pakete ng tide ultra:

1. kunin sa timba ang damdaming
matagal nang ibinabad

2. kusutin nang mabuti
pabulain upang matiyak na
natatakpan na ng bula
ang mga salitang noon pa sana sinabi

3. at dahil nahuli na sa sikat ng araw
na siyang pagkukulahan,
lagyan na lamang ng clorox
upang kumupas at walang makakita
sa mantsa ni Eros

4. banlawan
maraming banlaw
at tiyaking maisama sa tubig
ang mga sentimiyento
at panghihinayang

5. ibuhos sa kanal ang tubig
upang makapagtago sa burak
ang mga pagsinta

6. isampay sa mahanging lugar
ang nilabhang damdamin
pabayaan itong makahinga
matagal na rin namang
naikubli ito sa baul

Pagmumuni pagkatapos…

napigaan ko na ang damit
nakalimutan ko nga lamang
pigaan ang tubig sa aking mata

paalam muna
samantala’y magpapatuyo muna ako—
ng damit
ng mata

sana’y walang makakita

salamat sa pakete ng tide ultra

Gilbert M. Sape

Sunday, November 1, 2009

024. Nightmare

I have just fallen asleep. Then I found myself driving a car on the wrong side of the road. The GPS told me I'm in a flyover.
Then I heard 2 distinct voices of children, laughing eerily while telling me that they will kill me and will not let me go.
I realized I'm having a nightmare so I tried to open my eyes several times but my eyelids were heavy.

My heart is pounding. The children are still laughing. There's an incoming truck and it's on my side of the road.

I tried very hard to wake myself and thankfully, I did.

You know what's worse but might even be funny for some of you, the children are speaking Japanese.

Friday, October 30, 2009

023. Message #1

I would choose to love you in silence for in silence I won't find rejection.
I would choose to see you in my dreams for there no one owns you but me.

Monday, October 26, 2009

022. Thoughts

I am happy. But I guess it's true that you have to experience something bad first so you can appreciate and know that you ARE happy.

I had a bad day yesterday since I took a sleeping pill last Saturday night so I could rest for at least 8 hours. Your body can only take so much ne? You need to know that sleeping pills and I don't match. I had a bad history with it so I dont usually take it even if I have insomnia. But I was so tired and my body just wouldn't rest. So there.

I woke up being drowsy, replied to some texts then fall asleep again then I woke up again then fall asleep again. I did that for 16 hours. I feel so lethargic when I finally shook it out of my system.

I took Zashi out and we went for a walk in High Street to clear my thoughts and shake off this funk. We had a good breeze last night. The winds made me relaxed and contented.

I slept around 2 am then woke up at 4 feeling rested than I ever had.

I think that today is one of those days when you feel that everything is gonna be alright. You have to take everything in stride and try to make the best out of everything.

It's time for a cool change. :D

Friday, October 23, 2009

021. Venn Diagram

I love Venn Diagram but only if it's related to Math. But when it comes to real life, it's a love-hate relationship. *LOL*
Recently, I just found out a somewhat shocking, anger-inducing story. A&B had the chance to talk. A thought he knows everything. B thought the same. Both are shocked to find out that even though there is a common ground (both A&B), there are so many things that have been left out. They were able to put the pieces together but now they are not so sure if it's really the whole picture.

Apparently, the creator of the Venn diagram edits out the story so he will get the sympathy of others. o_O
That's User 101 for you. He only lets you know what he thinks you should know and he only listens to what he wants to hear.

Lesson learned, charged it to the cost center of experience! *LOL*

Tuesday, October 20, 2009

020. Hodge podge

Emoticon above is not related to my entry. I just want to use it. *LOL* Hodge podge of thoughts muna coz I can't think clearly e (read: sabog ang utak *LOL*)

  • Got an email from a head hunter asking if I'm interested to join ABC company. I'm not interested so I said no. I love my work and the company I work for. Some of the people I work with, not much. *LOL*
  • Having said that, if you need a job why not try applying here? Me thinks I should be given a recruitment fee. *LOL*
  • I didn't check my email during my vacation. It took a lot of discipline to do that. As a result, I got 500+ emails to wade through this morning. That's ok. Small price to pay. :D
  • I was supposed to attend the Vanness' fan meet but my flight was scheduled early Sunday morning pala. Thankfully I checked my ticket. I assumed it to be the next day. ^^;;
  • Family forgot my arrival time so I have to wait. We went to Tagaytay for an early mass and a brunch. Sawa na ko sa Leslie's and Josephine's (where we had our dessert). We stopped by Nuvali and have dessert (again!) at Conti's.
  • Took Zashi out for a walk in High Street. As usual, she's being friendly with the big dogs. Tahulan ba ang mastiff?! Isang kagat lang yan, dead na siya. My dog is a shih tzu if you must know. *LOL*
  • Went to Galleria to go to Saizen, a Japanese shop similar to 100 yen shops in Japan. I was looking for Daiso which no one knows. Saizen pala name niya dito sa Manila. Super enjoy and super spend! I'll blog about it separately.
  • Cebu vacation on Nov. 6-9 with coffee buddy and his family. 
  • My brother set up another appointment with another OB Gyne for a second opinion. Oo na lang ako ng oo.
  • I want to go to Iloilo to visit geeky bear. Di pako nakapunta dun e. I want to go to Guimaras din.
  • I want to go to SG na din para sa aking 1:1 drinking session.
  • The end coz I need to work na. Hehehe. *bow*

Monday, October 19, 2009

019. Kampai~

Zashi chillaxing in the grass while I read a Murakami book.  
Took Zashi to Bonifacio High Street for a walk. We usually do that every Sunday as part of our alone time. *LOL*

That would be my 2nd pitcher of Tequila Sunrise and 8th bottle of San Mig Light. Gotten tipsy after the first pitcher, can you believe that?! Alcohol tolerance is low, probably because I'm tired and stressed.

After the party, I went to a Noraebang session with some of my kpop friends where I release my inhibitions (from the song Unwritten). Oh I DID so I apologize for the bad weather this early morning. *LOL*

I don't drink and drive so I went to Starbucks to have my caffeine fix first before I go home. Dawn is I think the best time for reflection -- quiet surroundings and a good cup of coffee. :D

Good news is I'm happy with where I am now. Despite the stressful work, health problem (which I have to deal with asap), and not-so-good friendships, I feel contented with what I've become and achieved so far. I might need to change a few aspects in my life to get the other things I want and become a better person though.

But life is a constant change (song by Jose Mari Chan) so I'm looking forward to what life (or what's left of it) has in store for me. :D

Have a great week ahead everyone. :D

Thursday, October 15, 2009

018. Happiness

Picture was taken by me.

Seeing this guy is enough to make me happy. ♥♥♥

Hopefully this weekend will be the break I need to get away from work. This will also be the time to re-assess on what and who I want in my life. Take care people. ~

Sunday, October 11, 2009

017. What a weekend

Friday morning
Ruby experienced severe menstrual cramps... more painful than usual, rendering her useless for the day.

Saturday morning
Ruby went to Makati Med to see an OB Gynecologist. She has put off this appointment for 5... years... Afraid of what will happen.

Saturday afternoon
Ruby got the results of her ultrasound. A tear fell from her cheek but she smiled at the doctor and requested for some time to think.

Saturday evening
Some of her friends responded to her call of wanting to get drunk. They delivered. She was dead to the world by 3 am.

Sunday morning
Ruby had lunch with her family who had no idea what's going on.

Sunday afternoon
Ruby went to have coffee with her best bud Anne in Serendra. Anne suggested to call Mac & Karol and let them know. Mac wants to go back to Manila and be at her side. Karol braved the flooded waters of Parkwood to go to Serendra and be with her. With her bestfriends at her side (and on the phone), Ruby cried her heart out.


Saturday, October 10, 2009

016. Horrible

Sorry, just have to let this out.

It's Friday night and someone asked me on a date. In order to improve my lack of a love life just a tiny bit, I said yes.

Everything's fine. We're getting along okay.

Until I ran into some blogger friends.

McVie approached me and I was surprised and happy to see him there. He's with Misterheuge and the others.

I asked my date to wait and skipped to them to say hi. Said belated happy birthday to Eugene and all. It's not even 5 minutes but McVie pointed out my date so I said goodbye and went back to him.

You know what?!


I was like what the hell?! I took a deep breath and asked him what's wrong. He wouldn't answer and just shook his head. As you might know, I don't take no for an answer so I pestered him to tell me what his problem is.

and you know what he said?!

A: You have gay friends pala.

Me: .... and soooo????

A: I don't like them.

Right then and there, I wanna punch him, as in really flatten him. How dare he say that in front of my face!

Me: Well excuse me but they are really good friends of mine (yeah feeling close, sorry!).

A: Oh, but why? (as if he finds it impossible).

That's where I drew the line. I politely asked him to take me back to the office to get my car so I could go home and rant.

Can you imagine that guy?! Arrrghhh... Either he's a homophobic arse or he's so deep in the closet that he's so afraid that  a touch from a gay guy can turn him into one.

Stupid prick.

Friday, October 9, 2009

015. Little Tokyo food trip

I went out with some of my fandom friends last night to a place close to our hearts! Naks. Hehehe. :D
It's a place called Little Tokyo where you can eat authentic Japanese cuisine. We had our stomach mind set on eating okonomiyaki and takoyaki because you rarely get those in Japanese restaurants around the metro.

I like going there during the night coz the ambiance is soo much like old Tokyo.... Hmmm, more like Kyoto I guess due to the cobblestones and Japanese doujos... You rarely get to see those in modern Tokyo. :D

Anyways, we chose Kagura coz they're the only one who served okonomiyaki. *LOL* We ordered three dishes -


Modern-yaki (same as Okonomiyaki but with noodles)

Forgot the name of the dish but it's pork wrapped around by an omelet

They are sooo yummy and filling and delicious! Haaay. Sarap kumain!

We weren't able to eat the Takoyaki since we were soooo full already. We made a pact to return soon and just order 1 okonomiyaki so we could eat Takoyaki. Takoyaki is best eaten with beer! Sarap!

We had an enjoyable time discussing fandoms (of course!) but mostly about funny people at work. I think that's the key why we're still friends even after 6 years. We have fandoms as our common ground but we are also interested in each other's personal lives.  :D

Little Tokyo is located in Pasong Tamo beside Makati CInema Square. Most restaurants are open around lunchtime and dinnertime only.

Sunday, October 4, 2009

014. Bleeding love

Di ko alam if kaya kita pasayahin. Hindi mayaman ang pamilya ako. Hindi ko kaya ibigay ang mga nakasanayan mo.

That was the reason my last boyfriend gave me when we parted ways 5 years ago. I feel a twinge of hurt whenever I remember that moment. All I remember thinking was how unfair that statement was. I don't care if he's not rich... He made me happy and I was willing to make sacrifices.

The reason for this post?!

I saw him at Serendra...

with his wife and kid.

Monday, September 28, 2009

013. Aftermath

Saturday morning proved to be a challenging day for us. This is the first time in decades that our area was flooded due to opening of Angat dam rain. Fortunately, our house is not affected although the roads outside were knee deep. As a result, some of our neighbors and relatives requested to park their cars in our garage.

Our house was full of people by Saturday afternoon. The flood has risen until hip level outside so people are flocking to our house to seek shelter. Good thing is that we have lots of food because it's Mom's birthday and she was supposed to have a party.

A disaster can bring the best and sadly the worst out of people. I saw a lot of people helping each other and despite the gloomy weather, people still try to find something to laugh about.

The bad thing was some of our valuables got stolen. It was saddening coz some of these people are those that we're trying to help. Dad just hugged me and said that we can replace those things. We just have to be thankful that we're still safe and dry.

Seeing my mom and dad working tirelessly (despite their old age) to help those who are in need, I can't help but be proud of them.

I hope everyone is safe.

Saturday, September 12, 2009

012. Thanksgiving

Just got back from a thanksgiving mass that was sponsored by my family.
This is in remembrance of the 9-11 attack that happened 8 years ago.

Why Thanksgiving?
As some of you might know, most of my family are living in New York. Our home is in Manhattan and my family/extended family all work in Manhattan as well.

I was watching CNN when they did the breaking news about a plane hitting the twin towers.

I think my heart stopped for a while.

My pamangkin, Rina, works at the Twin Towers (Tower 1 to be exact). It's 9 am and it's a workday.

Can you imagine the fear I felt when I heard that news? My family is in New York and I am all alone here in Manila. I immediately called our NY house but no one is answering. It actually made me feel a little better, knowing the phone is still ringing. Morbid, yes, but I felt relieved.

Do I dare call Rina? Well, I did.

The number you're dialling is out of coverage.


WTH. I don't know what else to do so I called my sister who lives in Chicago. They heard the news and was trying to reach the NY folks albeit unsuccessfully.

At that time, all I can do is pray the rosary and ask for strength and guidance for this whole ordeal.

Around 11 pm (MNL time), the phone rang and I was awashed with relief when I heard my parents' voice telling me that they are all okay. Rina wasn't able to go to work since her baby, Erin, suddenly got sick. It was kinda weird that everyone was running a little late for work. My other pamangkin, Ria, was outside the subway station when the plane crashed. She was able to see when it hit the building. She came home covered in dust. Dirty but safe. I can deal with that. :D

That event made me appreciate how important my family is to me. So every year, we celebrate mass as a family. We maybe in different locations but our bonds became stronger every single day.

Thursday, September 10, 2009

011. In search of my Kobe beef

Reposting from my LJ coz I fail big time and trying to test this LJ cut thingy in blogger!  :D

Let's begin with a Q&A...

Q: What is Kobe, Japan famous for? *looks around*
A:  Kobe beef of course! It's one of the luxurious foods in Japan. Yes, they are fed with beer on a daily basis.

As the assumed tour guide for the Filipinos in JHQ, I was requested to take them to the best Kobe beef restaurant in town. I am not really sure if Mouriya was the best but it was highly recommended by the hotel staff.

Armed with a Japanese pamphlet as well as directions for Mouriya, we went out of Rokko Island to go to Sannomiya.

JR station

Long story short, we got lost. *LOL* The directions were a bit complicated so I have to make use of my level 1 Japanese to ask around. We were getting hungry but we kept on looking... :D

Our resident photographer must be hungry, judging by how crappy this pic is. *LOL*

We finally found it after almost an hour

We hurried up since they might close and not fulfill our Kobe beef dream. *LOL*

That's me, almost shouting yottsu (4 people)!!! The waitress confirmed by counting our group. This is where I whine that she didn't trust my counting skills... *LOL*

The restaurant has 3 floors due to the small space so we were seated in the 2nd floor. Little did I know that my life will change that night... *cue dramatic music* JOKE! *LOL*

This is our chef, fixing his apron...

I wasn't able to see him clearly since I'm at the far end of the table. But he fits the profile of my crushes: tall and slim. Suffice to say that I'm interested. *LOL*

Close up.... Tadaaaaa....

*Ruby falls down from her chair* For my JE friends, he looks a little bit like Tackey ne? :D
Thank you, I confiiiiiiirrrrrrrrrrmeed that I'm very much interested.

Ooops, before I forgot, our set menu --

hors d'oeuvres


Veggies. Chef is a bit OC with the preparation.

Chef is smiling while cooking the garlic.

He was quiet at the start since he knows we're foreigners. I declared he was mine in Tagalog. He might understand English... *LOL*
Then he asked a simple question in English... "Is the aircon too cordcold for you?"

I replied in Japanese... "Daijoubu desu"

It seemed I found the way to his heart. *LOL* You can see his eyes light up and he asked me if I can speak Nihonggo. I replied just a little (cutely I might add or at least I tried to).

Then he talked... a lot... with me as the interpreter. He asked us where we're from... What we're doing in Kobe... Am  I single... (I wish... *LOL*) If you know me, I am not shy when it comes to foreigner crushes, mainly because I know I won't see them again... so GO GO GO with my love struck eyes and charming personality... Bwahahaha...

In turn, he told us that he was half-half - half Japanese (mom) and half-British (dad). He doesn't speak English really well since he lived in Japan all his life. Would you care to go to the Philippines?

My officemates told me that "di pa tayo kumakain busog na busog ka na ah..." (We haven't eaten yet but you're already full...)

Oopppps... I forgot about the Kobe beef. *LOL*

Guess how much this costs?

Rib Steak Kobe Beef

It costs around 15,000 JPY or ~7,500 PHP or ~150 USD. Expensive right?

Our main meal

This plate along with the hors d'oeuvres, soup, veggies rice and cola costs a whooping 8,000 JPY or ~4,000 PHP or ~ 80 USD. That raw beef above is divided among the four of us. *LOL*

But in fairness, it was a delicious meal... I know I'm biased because of the chef *LOL* but my other officemates said so as well... Delicious but expensive is the best way to sum it up.

The dinner ended with chef requesting to take a pic with me us as souvenir. He gave me his email address so I could send the pic to him. Yes, we're still corresponding although just a few sentences (with hello, how are you doing being the most common)...

1. Everything is delicious if it's prepared by the one you like.
2. Mahal magmahal... *LOL* It's a Filipino pun meaning it's expensive to love. I will be in a big debt if I eat there everyday just to see chef.
3. Save up so you can go back next time and eat there everyday!

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