Monday, September 28, 2009

013. Aftermath

Saturday morning proved to be a challenging day for us. This is the first time in decades that our area was flooded due to opening of Angat dam rain. Fortunately, our house is not affected although the roads outside were knee deep. As a result, some of our neighbors and relatives requested to park their cars in our garage.

Our house was full of people by Saturday afternoon. The flood has risen until hip level outside so people are flocking to our house to seek shelter. Good thing is that we have lots of food because it's Mom's birthday and she was supposed to have a party.

A disaster can bring the best and sadly the worst out of people. I saw a lot of people helping each other and despite the gloomy weather, people still try to find something to laugh about.

The bad thing was some of our valuables got stolen. It was saddening coz some of these people are those that we're trying to help. Dad just hugged me and said that we can replace those things. We just have to be thankful that we're still safe and dry.

Seeing my mom and dad working tirelessly (despite their old age) to help those who are in need, I can't help but be proud of them.

I hope everyone is safe.


citybuoy said...

daiiimmnnn!!! people stole from you guys? that's awful!

glad you guys are safe. your dad's right. mapapalitan din yang mga yan. at wag ka magalala.. digital na ang karma ngayon. hehe

Aris said...

grabe naman, tinulungan na, nagnakaw pa. diyos na ang bahala sa kanila. tc.

the geek said...

first, a belated birthday to your mom.

i guess that us, despite tragedies we filipinos still finds a way to make ourselves laugh.

so sorry though about ur stolen things.

whith parents like yours, i too, would be proud..

Anonymous said...

Sad... Some people do take advantage. I'm glad that you guys are safe.

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