Tuesday, October 20, 2009

020. Hodge podge

Emoticon above is not related to my entry. I just want to use it. *LOL* Hodge podge of thoughts muna coz I can't think clearly e (read: sabog ang utak *LOL*)

  • Got an email from a head hunter asking if I'm interested to join ABC company. I'm not interested so I said no. I love my work and the company I work for. Some of the people I work with, not much. *LOL*
  • Having said that, if you need a job why not try applying here? Me thinks I should be given a recruitment fee. *LOL*
  • I didn't check my email during my vacation. It took a lot of discipline to do that. As a result, I got 500+ emails to wade through this morning. That's ok. Small price to pay. :D
  • I was supposed to attend the Vanness' fan meet but my flight was scheduled early Sunday morning pala. Thankfully I checked my ticket. I assumed it to be the next day. ^^;;
  • Family forgot my arrival time so I have to wait. We went to Tagaytay for an early mass and a brunch. Sawa na ko sa Leslie's and Josephine's (where we had our dessert). We stopped by Nuvali and have dessert (again!) at Conti's.
  • Took Zashi out for a walk in High Street. As usual, she's being friendly with the big dogs. Tahulan ba ang mastiff?! Isang kagat lang yan, dead na siya. My dog is a shih tzu if you must know. *LOL*
  • Went to Galleria to go to Saizen, a Japanese shop similar to 100 yen shops in Japan. I was looking for Daiso which no one knows. Saizen pala name niya dito sa Manila. Super enjoy and super spend! I'll blog about it separately.
  • Cebu vacation on Nov. 6-9 with coffee buddy and his family. 
  • My brother set up another appointment with another OB Gyne for a second opinion. Oo na lang ako ng oo.
  • I want to go to Iloilo to visit geeky bear. Di pako nakapunta dun e. I want to go to Guimaras din.
  • I want to go to SG na din para sa aking 1:1 drinking session.
  • The end coz I need to work na. Hehehe. *bow*


Anonymous said...

you must come here soon. just dont forget the glazed.wahahaahha

-geeky bear

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