Monday, October 19, 2009

019. Kampai~

Zashi chillaxing in the grass while I read a Murakami book.  
Took Zashi to Bonifacio High Street for a walk. We usually do that every Sunday as part of our alone time. *LOL*

That would be my 2nd pitcher of Tequila Sunrise and 8th bottle of San Mig Light. Gotten tipsy after the first pitcher, can you believe that?! Alcohol tolerance is low, probably because I'm tired and stressed.

After the party, I went to a Noraebang session with some of my kpop friends where I release my inhibitions (from the song Unwritten). Oh I DID so I apologize for the bad weather this early morning. *LOL*

I don't drink and drive so I went to Starbucks to have my caffeine fix first before I go home. Dawn is I think the best time for reflection -- quiet surroundings and a good cup of coffee. :D

Good news is I'm happy with where I am now. Despite the stressful work, health problem (which I have to deal with asap), and not-so-good friendships, I feel contented with what I've become and achieved so far. I might need to change a few aspects in my life to get the other things I want and become a better person though.

But life is a constant change (song by Jose Mari Chan) so I'm looking forward to what life (or what's left of it) has in store for me. :D

Have a great week ahead everyone. :D


Anonymous said...

murakami? huwaw!!! what's the title?

good to know you had a good weekend.*hugs*

-geeky bear

Yuki said...

yoyo! XDDD Zashi is adorable looking!

♥ ruby ♥ said...

yuki-chan!!!! *glomps*

I miss you!!! *hugs*

citybuoy said...

i so love murakami! which one were you reading? it's a good thing the dog's okay. it seems to me the whole world disappears whenever i read one of his books.

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