Sunday, October 11, 2009

017. What a weekend

Friday morning
Ruby experienced severe menstrual cramps... more painful than usual, rendering her useless for the day.

Saturday morning
Ruby went to Makati Med to see an OB Gynecologist. She has put off this appointment for 5... years... Afraid of what will happen.

Saturday afternoon
Ruby got the results of her ultrasound. A tear fell from her cheek but she smiled at the doctor and requested for some time to think.

Saturday evening
Some of her friends responded to her call of wanting to get drunk. They delivered. She was dead to the world by 3 am.

Sunday morning
Ruby had lunch with her family who had no idea what's going on.

Sunday afternoon
Ruby went to have coffee with her best bud Anne in Serendra. Anne suggested to call Mac & Karol and let them know. Mac wants to go back to Manila and be at her side. Karol braved the flooded waters of Parkwood to go to Serendra and be with her. With her bestfriends at her side (and on the phone), Ruby cried her heart out.



Aris said...

ruby, kinakabahan naman ako sa post mong ito. whatever it is, always remember, maraming nagke-care sa'yo. i will pray for you, my friend. *hugs*

Anonymous said...

Hi ruby, this is scary. Always remember we're here for you. Mwah!

the geek said...

whatever it is, remember you have a lot of true friends there...

and here...


citybuoy said...

oh my goodness. are u okay?

i can't really claim to be a friend but i'm here for u if u need anything. por que pa na magkapit-office tayo. hehe


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