Saturday, October 10, 2009

016. Horrible

Sorry, just have to let this out.

It's Friday night and someone asked me on a date. In order to improve my lack of a love life just a tiny bit, I said yes.

Everything's fine. We're getting along okay.

Until I ran into some blogger friends.

McVie approached me and I was surprised and happy to see him there. He's with Misterheuge and the others.

I asked my date to wait and skipped to them to say hi. Said belated happy birthday to Eugene and all. It's not even 5 minutes but McVie pointed out my date so I said goodbye and went back to him.

You know what?!


I was like what the hell?! I took a deep breath and asked him what's wrong. He wouldn't answer and just shook his head. As you might know, I don't take no for an answer so I pestered him to tell me what his problem is.

and you know what he said?!

A: You have gay friends pala.

Me: .... and soooo????

A: I don't like them.

Right then and there, I wanna punch him, as in really flatten him. How dare he say that in front of my face!

Me: Well excuse me but they are really good friends of mine (yeah feeling close, sorry!).

A: Oh, but why? (as if he finds it impossible).

That's where I drew the line. I politely asked him to take me back to the office to get my car so I could go home and rant.

Can you imagine that guy?! Arrrghhh... Either he's a homophobic arse or he's so deep in the closet that he's so afraid that  a touch from a gay guy can turn him into one.

Stupid prick.


Mike said...


*Hugs* to you my racoon. Cheer up na! Iinom na lang natin yan ;-)

Ambidextrous Meeya said...

baka may bad experience sya sa mga gays! hehehe...

Anonymous said...

i dont like that guy one bit. i want to strangle him.

MisterHeuge said...

Good move. What an ass.

citybuoy said...

death to homophobes. aargh.. to hell with the lot of them. haha

sabi nung friend ko dahil sa dami na ng bading ngayon, sila (straight men) na daw yung minority. intindihin nalang natin. hehe

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