Tuesday, December 15, 2009

030. Meteor Garden/Liu Xing Yu

As much as I want this to be a post about my favorite boyband, F4, it isn't. I'll show you the extent of my fangirlism some other time. *LOL*

I witnessed something beautiful tonight. Twice, in fact. I was informed by a friend that there will be meteor showers on the nights of Dec 14 and 15.  Around 1130 ish, went up the rooftop to check the skies. I wasn't disappointed. I saw 3 meteors lighting up the sky. Really pretty and unexpected.

source: here

I don't have a DLSR and my camera is crappy so I wasn't able to take a picture. Besides, I'm busy making wishes while jumping up and down. (Ayy, ginawang New Year celebration! *LOL*)

Went down, tweeted and chatted for a while so I could wait for the next one which was scheduled around 2 am. The 2 am shower is more beautiful than the first one. It really lighted up the sky. Even though mesmerized, I didn't forget to play the song:

Meteor Rain by F4 *LOL*

I was really lucky to witness the meteor shower. Somehow, seeing something so beautiful lifted up my spirits. :D The bad thing is I can't sleep. *LOL*


Anonymous said...

ay..mas maganda if sabay sana tayong nagwatch ng meteor shower...


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