Monday, December 21, 2009

032. Maybe This Time

Had our HS reunion last night. I was excited and nervous at the same time. Excited coz I haven't seen my classmates in 10+ years. Nervous coz I'll be seeing Marc again after all these years. We didn't actually lost communication since we text/email each other occasionally.

We hugged each other for a long time that some of our classmates were making coughing noises in the background. Hahaha. That hug brought a lot of memories...

Marc was my last boyfriend in high school. We've been classmates since first year and have always been close. We were both in other relationships until 3rd year. We became a couple when we were seniors. The main reason we "delayed" the relationship was because of my friend Ivy. Ivy has a huge thing for Marc since first year. I remember comforting her whenever Marc has a new girlfriend. And being the evil friend that I am, I always make it my goal to break up those relationships Marc had with those girls.

Marc and I parted ways because of Ivy as well. She felt betrayed so she didn't talk to me our senior year. Being the stupid friend that I am, I ended the relationship. I gained Ivy's friendship again but lost Marc. During those times, I value friendship above all else. The one thing I regretted until now is that I have lost Marc not because of our incompatibilities but because I thought friendship was more important than my own happiness.

*swoosh to the present*
I was glad that there were no awkwardness for the both of us. We picked up where we left off which I am very thankful for. We were asked to sing Maybe This Time. Hahahaha. *dies* After the party, we went to Starbucks Metrowalk with 2 of our friends. Then he invited me to attend Simbang Gabi with him in Pasig Church. Then we had breakfast with his family. I'm glad that they recognized me and it was his mom who said. "just like old times huh."

We're both not in a relationship right now but it is too early for something to happen. I am happy not because I see him as a potential boyfriend but because we have a renewed our friendship. Something that is so special and should always be cherished.  :D


Anonymous said...

Ayan, humanap ka ng walang boyfriend.

Aris said...

i am so kilig dahil tumutugtog sa background ang "maybe this time" (na ni-right click ko) habang nagbabasa ako. i am so happy for you, friend. mukhang hindi na malamig ang iyong christmas. kainggit ka hehe! :)

Yuki said...

I think everyone would have done that one once at least.. but now U know who are ur true friends to say the me true frens never stay in the way of your happiness... i mean if u really know this person... if it was me, and we like the same person but if he likes u... what am i suppose to do? I might try but be disappointed in the end... i would try of course but just to be annoyed with you because he liked u? to me that is not being frens... or at least true frens. :P

Aris said...

Merry Christmas, Ruby! :)

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