Monday, November 16, 2009

029. Travel point 1

Brief Stop: Amsterdam Schiphol Airport, The Netherlands
-Non-stop flight from Manila to Amsterdam. Travel time: 14 hours
-Managed to watch 4 movies onboard: The Ugly Truth, G.I. Joe, Kung-fu Chef, and The Little Mermaid.
-Tried looking for Starbucks but I didn't have enough time. D:
-Transit to Newcastle. There's one nice looking bloke and found out he's working for P&G as well. Yeah, I'm not shy when it comes to foreigner crushers. *LOL*

Travel point #1: Newcastle upon Tyne, UK
-Just 1 hour from Amsterdam. Arrived around 10 pm local time.
-Called home (it was 6 am in Manila) to inform Dad that I arrived safe and sound. :D
-Slept like a log and woke around 6 am the next day.

my home for a week or so...

Shopping point #1
-Not in the mood to see tourist attractions since I'm alone (maybe next time) so I decided to go shopping.
-Went to Royal Quays for a little bit of retail therapy. It's an outlet center where you can find several top brands at discounted price like Marks & Spencer, Gap, Top Shop, Autonomy, Nike, Clarks, etc.

-Had Creme Brulee Latte at Costa (Italian cafe) while watching Tohoshinki concert on my Ipod.

- Drop by Argos in Silverlink to buy a European adaptor coz the one coffee buddy lent me did not work.
- Now back at the hotel to relax and rest my poor feet (and legs!)

Random observation:
- There are no waiting taxis here. You have to call a taxi service to fetch you and bring you to your destination.
- I haven't seen any convenience store around the area.


the geek said...

okay, now i am envious!!!hahaha

glad to know you arrived safe...miss you already. *hugs*

citybuoy said...

ako din inggit!

C said...

hi! just passing by..

i love your blog! have fun there!


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