Saturday, November 8, 2014

079. Rant: smart(doesn't)care

Nov 2013
I was in Japan and I used smart's unlimited data roaming service using their partner's network.

Dec 2013
I received my November bill and was surprised to see Php 16,000 charged to my account for roaming charges.. I was only expecting around Php 2000 since I stayed for just 4 days. I raised a billing dispute with them via their customer service. They said they will need to email their partner network to get the detail of the charges.

Jan 2013-Nov 2014
I frequently called up their unreliable customer service to follow up on my issue since I don't like seeing that Php 16,000 in my billing statement every month. Usual response: We'll follow up, Ma'am.

Nov 2014
I received a call from them and they are demanding that I pay my outstanding balance. Imagine my confusion which turned into anger. You demand that I pay considering  I raised a dispute??? They can't even produce support to claim that I used the Php 16,000.

Icing to cake: After the call, they immediately disconnected my line. Great. /rolling in sarcasm
More icing to the cake: they gave out the details to me via the call without verifying that they are really talking to the account holder. Nice.

Nov 8, 2014
I went to the smart store in SM Aura and asked to permanently disconnect my line. Why would I stick to a network that do that to me?
The CSR has the audacity to ask me the reason why I am disconnecting my line. I literally laughed out loud and said to him, "After hearing my experience, you are still asking me that? Please write terrible customer service as the reason." (Checking the document, he did not write it. See how great they are?)

I might be Php 16,000 short today but definitely good riddance, smart.

I know that there is a reason why I still stick with Globe for 14 years.

I just put subscribing to smart a moment of weakness and put the whole experience under 'lessons learned'. Never again, smart. Never again.


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