Tuesday, August 18, 2009

002. Am I Selfish?

My huggable raccoon is spending the long weekend here in Manila. We promised to meet up over the weekend to watch a movie. I suddenly had the urge to ask my geeky bear to come as well so our little triad will be complete. I called up Geeky to check if he's available to travel. Upon receiving a positive response, I called up Raccoon and asked him to book a flight for Geeky.

Everything happened in a span of an hour.

When Geeky texted me and said that he's still processing what happened, one question popped in my mind.

Am I that selfish?

I didn't give Geeky enough time to think. He asked for at least 2 hours but I declined saying I need to book the flight for him asap since the travel date is on Tuesday.

It made me realize that I ask too much from friends. If they can't deliver, I am hugely disappointed and will probably be upset at them for a long time.

It's an issue that I acknowledge but I have no idea how to solve it. I can't seem to lower my expectations (though I've tried again and again). Maybe because I give it my all when it comes to everything I do and that includes friendships.


Doc Mike said...

If you feel selfish, I'm selfish too! Haha! Anyway, I hope Geek will enjoy the looooong weekend with us.

-racoon ;-)

Mr. Komplikado said...

Siguro dahil bunso ka kaya ganon. Observation ko lang ito sa mga bunso sa pamilya. But its okay =)

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