Monday, February 8, 2010

050. Commercial muna

Commercial muna from the emo-ness. Haha! I thought I can only get this via email. I thought wrong! Haha! As I've said in one of my blog posts, I created a formspring account coz I wanted to secure my name. I don't intend to answer questions but I do check the inbox from time to time. I was surprised when I saw this last Sunday.


Is he calling Zashi a slut? Ahhh foul na yan. Virgin pa yun aso ko noh.
It's hard to read it without pause. Try niyo.


I usually don't mind the hate coz I haven't done anything wrong. Pero pag emo ka na and nabasa mo pa 'to, it pulls you down even lower. I don't even broadcast my formspring in twitter and yet this person found me yet again. Naman. I can understand. Stalker din ako... Asian celebrities nga lang. :D


Galen said...

Don't mind them. Ingget lang siya dahil marami kang kaibigan. :)

Anonymous said...

attention whore.

citybuoy said...

omg ruby. why would anyone hate you? don't worry. we all love you.

to all ruby haters, mag-ingat kayo. parating na ang bidang kontrabida. haha

Mike said...

ay naku sis, don't mind them. at least yung buhay nila umiikot sayo.

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