Sunday, February 14, 2010

051. Love celebrations


Happy Valentines Day everyone and Cong Xi Fa Cai to my Chinese friends. :D
Ever since I became a fan of Asian entertainment, I usually adapt the Asian cultures as well.

For love celebrations, we have Valentine's Day, White Day, and Black Day.

Valentine's Day - celebrated every Feb 14. This is the time that girls will give chocolates to the boys they like as an expression of love. I gave chocolates to the men I used to like to show how sincere my feelings for them. Since they didn't know the tradition, I passed it off as trying to change the concept of the day. *LOL*

White Day - celebrated every Mar 14. This time boys who received the "chocolate of love" can show their feelings by giving the girl they like with chocolate (usually more expensive than what the girl gave). 5 years ago, I had a boyfriend by that time. *LOL*

Black Day - celebrated every Apr 14. This time the girls who didn't receive anything on White day and the boys who didn't receive chocolates on Valentine's Day gather together and eat. It was aptly called Single Awareness Day. :p

For the last 4 years, I've been celebrating Black Day and this year is not an exemption. I wonder who's gonna eat with me? *LOL*


Darc Diarist said...

black day is harsh... but there is strength in numbers! lol

Victor Gregor said...

Ah. Black Day. Yun pala tawag dun sa ginawa namin this weekend. LOL.

i am beki said...

if i was there ... we could have celebrated black day together!

so sino kasama mo nung black day?

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