Thursday, February 18, 2010

052. Home Away from Home

In the effort of promoting work-life effectiveness, our company made new rooms in our floors to help us relax and be fit. There are 2 new rooms in my own floor and officemates are telling me that they had me in mind when they did the design. *LOL*

First stop: Bike Room
I always complain that I don't have enough time to go to the gym so they made this room for me. Haha!
I can now watch my Asian concerts/dramas when biking. Hehe.
We have a boxing room as well in the upper floor and an aero-chorva in another floor.

Second Stop: Ruby Zen Room

I think there is one massage room every floor.
You can have a full massage or partial depending on your needs. Perfect for my sore and tired muscles.

The sound of the water is lulling me to sleep....zzzzzzzz....

If I am sleepy enough, I have my sofa bed with me. Zzzzzz...
In short, ayaw na nila ako pauwiin. Kulang na lang shower room. Hahaha! :D


Galen said...

Should I say happiness? Hahaha

Masaya na ako sa room na walang aircon dito sa office. :)

Will text you on Friday kung tuloy tayo sa Quiapo tour

citybuoy said...

yari ka! baka mamaya di ka na talaga nila pauwiin. pero if that's what i have to suffer through, go lang no! haha that chair looks really inviting. :D

Kane said...


Ang saya naman ng company mo. May "sound of running water" pa!


Yj said...

OMG... mare kung hindi kita kilala iisipin kong first class masseuse ka sa isang first class na spa... hehehehehe

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