Monday, February 8, 2010

049. Insa

Grabbed the chance to have a noraebang (Korean term for videoke) and drinking session to end my weekend. The week was like a rollercoaster with lots of complicated turns and shifts for me. Thank goodness, I still came out sane (well, I think.)

I have a new fave drink called Soju bomb. It's a combination of Soju and Beer. There are two types of soju bomb - poktanju (1 shot of soju with a pint of beer) or suso poktanju (1 shot of beer with a pint of beer). I'm all for equality so I mix half pint soju and half pint of beer! Sarap! Beer should be Korean though to be more "natural".

Anyways, after downing so many soju bombs, I was brave enough to sing Insa. This song was in the OST of Millionaire's First Love, a Korean movie that I absolutely love. I managed not to break down in tears kahit sapul na sapul ang meaning ng kanta.

Even that time when the wind stays
It's not enough for me.
I smile one more time and give my final greeting:
I love you.
I am tired now and love hurts but
Even if that time is just a memory
I have to give my final greeting.
I love you, I love you.
Fly away Fly away LOVE
Fly away Fly away LOVE
Fly away Fly away LOVE
In the afterlife I will greet my love again

.... think happy thoughts Ruby. happy thoughts.

translation credits:bangkuh of
youtube credits: dvc


citybuoy said...

soju bomb? bery interesting. haha

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