Sunday, January 3, 2010

038. my parents are awesome

Woke up from a nap. Switched the TV on. Boy Abunda is interviewing a tranny PBB housemate. Watched for a while. Turned the TV off.

I was about to head out to do some grocery shopping at S&R when my phone rang. My parents are calling from NY to check on me. They are early risers and they feel that they won't catch me if they will wait for a few more hours. What can I say? Kilala talaga nila ako. Hahaha.

I suddenly blurted out --

Ruby: Dad/Mom, what if one of your sons/daughters is gay? How would you feel?

*pregnant pause*

Dad: Tomboy ka ba iha?
Mom: Okay lang naman sa amin. We still love you kahit ano ka pa.

Ayun! Napa-tumbling ako! Hahaha. Mag-jump to conclusion ba? Hihihi. I set the record straight tho. Yes, pun intended. :D

I love my parents and I know after that conversation, I love them even more. I'm very thankful to see how open they are when it comes to another person's sexuality. :D


lee said...

napa-smile na lamang ako sa post na ito :)

Rei Mikazuki said...

I'm glad to know that you have open-minded and loving parents. Some are just, plain stubborn, and it can't really be helped if they can't accept things like that.

Cute avatars, btw.

Andrei said...

so cool. you mean haruki murakami?

Andrei said...

ang aga mo naman magising.

Andrei said...

nandiyan ka pa ba?

♥ ruby ♥ said...

yep. hehehe. :D

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