Tuesday, January 19, 2010

044. weekends

The past two weekends were super fun and memorable!

1st weekend:
Friday - My fandom sisters and I had a pajama party! We watched several clips ranging from Japanese concerts to Korean variety shows to Chinese commercials. Basically, it was a hodge podge of our fandoms. We really ROFL on a Korean variety show called Family Outing. Sumakit jaw ko sa kakatawa! The guests were BOF's Kim Hyun Joon and Big Bang's Seungri. I was trying to find a clip in youtube but everything was removed due to copyright violation.
Also, with this group, we love to dress up/wear costumes. If you have twitter, I posted my pic with a purple wig! Super enjoy ako. I wasn't willing to part with the wig even if it was time for sleep. *LOL*

Saturday - one word - fantabulous! :D I attended the Fabcasters' New Year's Party and it was great! Love the people and the drinks (Soju and Patron Tequila)! This was when I realized my true calling as a kiss instigator (thanks misterhubs!)

Sunday - watched Sherlock Holmes/had coffee with misterhubs and shattershards. Before that, I was with coffee buddy in Eastwood when we ran into (drumroll please) Marc! Haha. Super awkward moment at coffee bean. :D

2nd weekend:
Friday - had dinner at Misterkebabs (first time for me!) in West Ave with mgg, shattershards, and Raf (batch 2 of mgg's S&S group). Lecheng Raf, pino-po ako! Hahaha. 19 years old lang kasi so I'm 10 years older. After that we went to a machong-macho bar called Butterfly (di ba sa name pa lang lalaking lalaki ang dating!) in Timog to drink. Plus there's free videoke! Woot! Complete na ang gabi ko. Haha. May nangyari din dun sa bar pero secret na lang. haha!

Saturday - bought a lot of shoes at heatwave. What I like about the brand is that it's very affordable and very comfortable. I never get blisters from their shoes. :D Then met with misterhubs and shattershards. It was a food fest of sorts - had kopi buns at kopi roti and had dinner at the corner tree cafe. We went to Centerstage for videoke and was joined by xallternative. May nangyari din! Haha. :D

Sunday - my alone time - grocery, coffee at eastwood, applied for internet connection at megamall. :D

Hopefully every weekend would be as good as these past weekends. :D


citybuoy said...

daming ganap! sounds fun!! love ko din ang centerstage hehe

MkSurf8 said...

saya naman baby!

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