Monday, January 25, 2010

045. C-A-R

Context: Big meeting with the directors this week about two projects I'm currently handling.

Action: Spent a lot of time to keep the projects up-to-date which translates to talking to a lot of people on different time zones. Got stressed because CPS was not being followed by some so eat, eat, and eat.

Result: Presentation slides are done. Projects are on-track. High cholesterol and sugar level.

I'm still on-track in terms of work goals. But I'm off-track (careening to a dead end actually) in terms of my health goals. The doctor said I have to go on a diet to bring my cholesterol and sugar down to more acceptable levels.

I was never a fan of diet plans. I tried a few but gave up on them after a few times. I'm not one of those girls who would starve themselves to death so they could get thin. Hmmm... although I could buy a pair of Christian Louboutin shoes or a Prada bag so I wouldn't have any money for food. Instant death slim! Haha. Just kidding. :D

If only I could prioritize health like how I prioritize my work then I would be strong as a horse. I definitely need some good advice.


Yj said...

ay naku wala akong alam sa diet diet na yan... kaya hug nalang kita... hope everything goes well with the presentation... muahz

citybuoy said...

good luck ruby! hope everything turns out well! haha

gusto ko yang proposed diet mo. may matching retail therapy pa! hehe

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