Monday, January 4, 2010

039. Simple English

Just did some major blog hopping but I am kinda feeling guilty coz I might not have the time to comment on people's blogs once work starts. For those who don't know, I stressed myself over work. (Aha! Self-inflicted pala! Hehehe)

A lot of the guys I now follow are so good with words. Nag-nose bleed ata ako. For some, internal hemorrhage pa! Hahaha. That only happens to me if I'm on a business trip in the UK/US. Bloody hell. Hihihi. :D

Compared to you guys, my blog is crap. *LOL* Pero I'm not sad, just jealous. Hehe.

When I blog, I don't usually check for errors after I published it. Tuloy tuloy lang, whatever I want to say, I write.

In my line of work and previous assignment, I have to deal with people who have English as their 3rd or sometimes 4th language. As much as I love my Japanese/Korean/Chinese contacts, natuto akong mag-barok English coz of them. I have to use simple English to communicate. If I use "difficult" instead of "hard", I get blank stares. Not all of them are like that, they are those who are really good with English.

Another fact is that for them, baligtad un predicate and subject sa sentence composition. So don't be surprised if ganun din ako magsulat or even magsalita. Hehehe.

This blog is very light. It's more like an online journal (LJ user din ako hehe). It's just a repository of how I feel at the moment so stress reliever din.

So what's the point of this post? Wala. Katulad ng blog ko. Hahaha. :D


Galen said...

Hello Ruby.

Guess what the strength of your blog is. To deliver your words as digestible as it could be. Trust me, sometimes there are blogs that are so impressive, but only few people could understand it. Why? Because their thoughts, their manner of expression and the words they use are far, far advanced than most of us do.

At work, my sup would always remind me not to use big words. In school, the teacher would encourage me to do the opposite. In the end, I have to contend myself expressing myself in ways that are natural to me.

Thanks for dropping by my blog. I find yours light and refreshing.

Skron said...

Hey, don't beat yourself up. Your blog is honest and with soul. It's not one of those blogs tagged with endless ads and filler posts.

john stanley said...

i know, there are blogs na masakit sa patilya. meron din namang bloggers na OC sa pag-edit. however, the important thing is that whatever message there is, it comes across to the readers.

keber na lang sa mga grammar police.

Anonymous said...

You know, it doesn't matter. This is your site. One blogger once told me, don't think what others will think of your blog. Write whatever you want, and it doesn't matter how you do it.
What's important is that your thoughts are in your posts. Ako rin naman, madalas may mali sa English.

Mike said...

Whatever with the grammar, as long as you make your posts carefree and easy to understand, mas masarap na basahin. Don't be an OC with the grammar as long as it's a good read ay ok na yun! ;-)

i am beki said...

apir tayo sis!

parehas tayo ng set of clientele. and yeah! marunong na rin ako magbarok english!

minsan kahit sa normal conversation napapa barok english ako!

sana magka project tayo together soon! pero feeling ko malabo! ahahaha

citybuoy said...

but i think that *is* the purpose of your blog. to be a witness to your life.

as for yung difference in english, i can totally relate. before ako pumasok sa trabaho ko ngayon, i was pretty confident in how i wrote and spoke. tapos i had to use easy words and simpler sentences.. ayun nagkahawaan na kami. haha

Victor Gregor said...


I think, at the end of the day, blogs are simply just that: "stress-relievers."

lee said...

simple english or difficult (? lol) english, as long as you get your message, is good =D

basta naiintindihan oks yan!

Eternal Wanderer... said...

sometimes, simple is a whole lot

thanks or following. meethink i'll follow you, too :D

Rei Mikazuki said...

Keep it simple and clean. じゃまた! *ツ*

♥ ruby ♥ said...

@ everyone,

Thanks for the kind words! I really appreciate it. :D

I admire those who can write very well and those who can get their messages across. Winner pag both na-achieve diba? :D

Wala naman bitterness and low self-esteem on my part. Inggit lang talaga. Hahaha. :D

I'm happy with my blog. At the end of the day, I am satisfied that I can put my thoughts/experiences into words. Yun lang. :D

*hugs everyone*

Yj said...

ano bah sister... ganyan tayong mga magaganda... lumalabas lang ang ating natural smartness pag na-challenge tayo ng mas maganda sa atin, which will never happen dahil siempre wala ng gaganda pa sa atin noh.... hahahaha


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