Tuesday, January 26, 2010

046. Work question

I registered in formspring so my sn can't be claimed by others (Nag-sign up nga ako dati sa g4m e) and so I could let the others know that I am the one asking questions. *LOL* But someone found it and asked me a question.

Do you ever get tired with what you do?

The answer is definitely no. Despite the constant ranting in twitter, I really love my work. Even if people from the US set up meetings with me at 3 am, it's okay! Accept accept lang except for videoke nights! I think that's the key to success, as long as you love and you're happy with your work, you can go the extra mile and achieve a lot of things.

With that, I'd like to say sorry for not being able to read blogs anymore. As I've said in my previous entry, I have a presentation with the directors this week so I've been busy preparing for it since last week.  I can only update my blog and post tweets. Twitter, blog and FB really help to lower my stress levels.

Looking forward to the weekend kahit wala pa plans. My weekends are a lot of fun, thanks to friends. :D

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