Tuesday, January 26, 2010

046. Work question

I registered in formspring so my sn can't be claimed by others (Nag-sign up nga ako dati sa g4m e) and so I could let the others know that I am the one asking questions. *LOL* But someone found it and asked me a question.

Do you ever get tired with what you do?

The answer is definitely no. Despite the constant ranting in twitter, I really love my work. Even if people from the US set up meetings with me at 3 am, it's okay! Accept accept lang except for videoke nights! I think that's the key to success, as long as you love and you're happy with your work, you can go the extra mile and achieve a lot of things.

With that, I'd like to say sorry for not being able to read blogs anymore. As I've said in my previous entry, I have a presentation with the directors this week so I've been busy preparing for it since last week.  I can only update my blog and post tweets. Twitter, blog and FB really help to lower my stress levels.

Looking forward to the weekend kahit wala pa plans. My weekends are a lot of fun, thanks to friends. :D

Monday, January 25, 2010

045. C-A-R

Context: Big meeting with the directors this week about two projects I'm currently handling.

Action: Spent a lot of time to keep the projects up-to-date which translates to talking to a lot of people on different time zones. Got stressed because CPS was not being followed by some so eat, eat, and eat.

Result: Presentation slides are done. Projects are on-track. High cholesterol and sugar level.

I'm still on-track in terms of work goals. But I'm off-track (careening to a dead end actually) in terms of my health goals. The doctor said I have to go on a diet to bring my cholesterol and sugar down to more acceptable levels.

I was never a fan of diet plans. I tried a few but gave up on them after a few times. I'm not one of those girls who would starve themselves to death so they could get thin. Hmmm... although I could buy a pair of Christian Louboutin shoes or a Prada bag so I wouldn't have any money for food. Instant death slim! Haha. Just kidding. :D

If only I could prioritize health like how I prioritize my work then I would be strong as a horse. I definitely need some good advice.

Tuesday, January 19, 2010

044. weekends

The past two weekends were super fun and memorable!

1st weekend:
Friday - My fandom sisters and I had a pajama party! We watched several clips ranging from Japanese concerts to Korean variety shows to Chinese commercials. Basically, it was a hodge podge of our fandoms. We really ROFL on a Korean variety show called Family Outing. Sumakit jaw ko sa kakatawa! The guests were BOF's Kim Hyun Joon and Big Bang's Seungri. I was trying to find a clip in youtube but everything was removed due to copyright violation.
Also, with this group, we love to dress up/wear costumes. If you have twitter, I posted my pic with a purple wig! Super enjoy ako. I wasn't willing to part with the wig even if it was time for sleep. *LOL*

Saturday - one word - fantabulous! :D I attended the Fabcasters' New Year's Party and it was great! Love the people and the drinks (Soju and Patron Tequila)! This was when I realized my true calling as a kiss instigator (thanks misterhubs!)

Sunday - watched Sherlock Holmes/had coffee with misterhubs and shattershards. Before that, I was with coffee buddy in Eastwood when we ran into (drumroll please) Marc! Haha. Super awkward moment at coffee bean. :D

2nd weekend:
Friday - had dinner at Misterkebabs (first time for me!) in West Ave with mgg, shattershards, and Raf (batch 2 of mgg's S&S group). Lecheng Raf, pino-po ako! Hahaha. 19 years old lang kasi so I'm 10 years older. After that we went to a machong-macho bar called Butterfly (di ba sa name pa lang lalaking lalaki ang dating!) in Timog to drink. Plus there's free videoke! Woot! Complete na ang gabi ko. Haha. May nangyari din dun sa bar pero secret na lang. haha!

Saturday - bought a lot of shoes at heatwave. What I like about the brand is that it's very affordable and very comfortable. I never get blisters from their shoes. :D Then met with misterhubs and shattershards. It was a food fest of sorts - had kopi buns at kopi roti and had dinner at the corner tree cafe. We went to Centerstage for videoke and was joined by xallternative. May nangyari din! Haha. :D

Sunday - my alone time - grocery, coffee at eastwood, applied for internet connection at megamall. :D

Hopefully every weekend would be as good as these past weekends. :D

Wednesday, January 13, 2010

043. Letters to me

Dahil IN ang magsulat ng letter sa mga blogs, nakigaya na din ako. Hahaha!

Letter #1
Dear Ruby,

I know you've been waiting for me since last year. Hope this helps.


Letter #2
Dear Ruby,

Since you haven't been sick much the past year, this is your reward.

Sick Leave Encashment

In other news, I received my VIC calendar today! Woot!

Di ako makapag-work. May guapo kasi na nakatingin sakin! 

Friday, January 8, 2010

042. Mug of love. chos!

When coffee buddy learned that I'm killing myself pulling an overnighter coz of work, he gave me this -

He really lives up to his codename. *LOL*. :D

Thursday, January 7, 2010

041. Job Advertisement

1. Open to all experienced IT professionals (at least 2 years experience), excluding those who are currently employed by our strategic partners (HP, JLL, IBM).
2. The Jan. 23 event is by invitation only. Interested applicants need to apply online & complete the Success Drivers Assessment to gain an invite. Click here to start your application. Scroll down and select IDSExplore! - Experienced IT Professionals under 'Results'.
3. If you have applied and gained an invite, you can give me your name so I can refer you. It's ok if you prefer not to.

040. Emo lovelife

I watched Avatar last night with MGG and Shattershards. I think this will be my final Avatar screening. Pang-anim ko na eh! Magsawa naman sana ako. Hehehe. :D

Napag-usapan ang lovelife during dinner. Since I am not dating anyone atm, e yun mga previous loves ang napag-usapan. I blog/twit about Marc (boyfie#4) and Coffee buddy (boyfie #5) all the time coz I'm still hanging out with them. Yun siguro weird sakin, I'm friends with all my ex-boyfies. Why burn bridges with someone who, once in my life, became my most important one (MIO)?

Na-recall ko lang un reason na sinabi sakin nun naging last bf ko kaya siya nakipaghiwalay. Let's call him Roy. I must admit that I was bitter then. But I couldn't blame him coz at the time that we were a couple, I was travelling out of the country at least once a month. Dami pa kasi activities ng F4 nun! I went to concerts, fan events, autograph signing, etc. across Asia.

Even if we were together for a short time (1+ year), I saw myself growing old with him. Na-shatter yun when he said na di niya kayang ibigay ang mga gusto ko so tapusin na lang namin un relationship. At first, you might think it was all about his pride but he said that with so much sadness kaya it really broke my heart. Hindi siya pa-machong tao. He was (and still is) one of the kindest souls I've met. Bitter lang ako kasi he never gave me the chance to prove to him that I can throw it all away if he asked me to. 

I saw him last year in Serendra with his wife and kid. Nabasag ata yun puso ko.

Ang naisip ko na lang...

That could have been me...

*cue emo music*

Monday, January 4, 2010

039. Simple English

Just did some major blog hopping but I am kinda feeling guilty coz I might not have the time to comment on people's blogs once work starts. For those who don't know, I stressed myself over work. (Aha! Self-inflicted pala! Hehehe)

A lot of the guys I now follow are so good with words. Nag-nose bleed ata ako. For some, internal hemorrhage pa! Hahaha. That only happens to me if I'm on a business trip in the UK/US. Bloody hell. Hihihi. :D

Compared to you guys, my blog is crap. *LOL* Pero I'm not sad, just jealous. Hehe.

When I blog, I don't usually check for errors after I published it. Tuloy tuloy lang, whatever I want to say, I write.

In my line of work and previous assignment, I have to deal with people who have English as their 3rd or sometimes 4th language. As much as I love my Japanese/Korean/Chinese contacts, natuto akong mag-barok English coz of them. I have to use simple English to communicate. If I use "difficult" instead of "hard", I get blank stares. Not all of them are like that, they are those who are really good with English.

Another fact is that for them, baligtad un predicate and subject sa sentence composition. So don't be surprised if ganun din ako magsulat or even magsalita. Hehehe.

This blog is very light. It's more like an online journal (LJ user din ako hehe). It's just a repository of how I feel at the moment so stress reliever din.

So what's the point of this post? Wala. Katulad ng blog ko. Hahaha. :D

Sunday, January 3, 2010

038. my parents are awesome

Woke up from a nap. Switched the TV on. Boy Abunda is interviewing a tranny PBB housemate. Watched for a while. Turned the TV off.

I was about to head out to do some grocery shopping at S&R when my phone rang. My parents are calling from NY to check on me. They are early risers and they feel that they won't catch me if they will wait for a few more hours. What can I say? Kilala talaga nila ako. Hahaha.

I suddenly blurted out --

Ruby: Dad/Mom, what if one of your sons/daughters is gay? How would you feel?

*pregnant pause*

Dad: Tomboy ka ba iha?
Mom: Okay lang naman sa amin. We still love you kahit ano ka pa.

Ayun! Napa-tumbling ako! Hahaha. Mag-jump to conclusion ba? Hihihi. I set the record straight tho. Yes, pun intended. :D

I love my parents and I know after that conversation, I love them even more. I'm very thankful to see how open they are when it comes to another person's sexuality. :D

Saturday, January 2, 2010

037. I love you more ~

ZaiZai (Vic Zhou) for Rejoice

Haaay. When I first saw the commercial, sabi ng egg cells ko, "Daddy! Daddy!" Na-excite sila. *LOL*

I think I need to talk to the people here to air the CM and talk to my TW officemates to get me a souvenir. Woot!

036. New Year Resolution

Work Smarter. Play Harder.

Friday, January 1, 2010

035. New Year

Just wishing everyone a Happy New Year!
새해 복 많이 받으세요!

Thanks for all the memories 2009! ^_^

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